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March 31, 2003 Vol., 11, No. 13

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“Severe Crisis” in Aerospace Industry
Six Sigma for the Supply Chain
Motorola Cautious on China Fab
WIA Reauthorization Proposals
NACFAM Welcomes “GATE”
Manufacturing Leads in 2001 B2B
NACFAM Supports Automation Hall of Fame
Grants/Conf/Web Sites/Pubs
“Severe Crisis” in Aerospace Industry

NACFAM Supports Automation Hall of Fame
The new Automation Hall of Fame is undertaking a major program to spread awareness of the amazing story of industrial progress from the time when products were made one-by-one to today’s complex, technically sophisticated manufacturing enterprises. This story is united with multifaceted information about industry today, its benefits to our way of life, its career opportunities, and with a program to report on future manufacturing technologies. A permanent exhibit of the Automation Hall of Fame will soon be part of the new Manufacturing Technology Exhibit under construction in the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. See Doc#7 or http://www.automationhallof

NACFAM Weekly March, 31 2003

The Automaton Hall of Fame is an information and awareness program designed to increase recognition of the significance of industry to our way of life and to promote awareness of the significance of manufacturing. The amazing evolution of human ability to invent and to make things that give us healthier, safer, more interesting, and comfortable lives is a panoramic story that the Automation Hall of Fame tells in four ways:

The first is an annual dinner that honors innovators from past centuries and living today, who have made possible our way of life. The honorees are selected by a Board of Advisors that embodies a wide range of industrial experience and knowledge. Honorees of the Automation Hall of Fame range from Leonardo da Vinci, who conceived the basic working principles of mechanical devices and tools, to
E. Edwards Deming
, the acknowledged authority on Statistical Quality Control, and Marcian E. Hoff, the prime inventor of the microprocessor. Recommendation of candidates for the Prometheus metal may be made by anyone from industry, academia, or government, or by visitors to the Museum site. Electors are the members of the Board of Advisors to the Automation Hall of Fame;

Another way is through the Automation Hall of Fame exhibit within the Manufacturing Technology Exhibit, soon to be completed at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago;

The third way is an ongoing public communications program targeted at young people, people in industry, in government, and in academia, as well as a broad program against the general public; and

The fourth way is through an exciting new web site at

The Automation Hall of Fame is starting a program to gain sponsorship from industrial companies and from companies serving industry. For more information about this program or any other aspect, contact Ralph E. Richardson, President, at

The Automation Hall of Fame is a venture of Ralph E. Richardson and Robert A. Malone, now retired and formerly Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Managing Automation magazine. Funding comes through the sponsorship of companies that themselves are exemplars of commitment to human progress through industrial innovation.

The distinguished Board members comprise a cross section of leaders from industry, government and academia, who offer a wide-ranging knowledge of industrial processes and technologies. The members of the Advisory Board are the electors of inductees into the Automation Hall of Fame.
Current members include:
Robert A. Malone, Chairman, Board of Advisors, Chairman, Automation Hall of Fame, Inc; Robert P. Collins, CEO, Capstone Partners, Inc;
Charles E. Exley, Jr., Former Chairman/CEO, NCR Corp;
Donald E. Fagan, Publisher, Managing Automation;
Tony Friscia, President/CEO, AMR Research;
Dr. Mary L. Good, Donaghy Professor and Dean, Donaghy College of Information Science and Systems Engineering, University of Arkansas;
John Klein, President of Polarex, Inc and former CEO MDIS Group, PLC
Dr. M. Eugene Merchant, Senior Consultant, TechSolve, Inc;
Fredrick J. Michel, Executive Vice President NGM Knowledge Systems;
Eric Mittelstadt, President, Mittelstadt Associates, Inc;
Thomas J. Murrin, Distinguished Service Professor/Former Dean, Duquesne University Business Schools;
Dr. Herbert Schorr, Executive Director, Information Sciences Institute, University of Southern California;
Dr. ING. Albert S. Strub, Honorary Director General, European Commission.
Robert P. Collins, CEO, Capstone Partners, Inc., Board of Advisors CSE Ltd (Singapore) Questa, Datasweep





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