The Automation Hall of Fame Book Shelf will initially list books, articles and web sites of pertinence to the manufacturing community. In later refreshments it is planned that the Book Shelf will link the visitor to a publisher of the material. It is also planned to add short reviews from qualified reviewers. Listing in the Book Shelf is not an automatic guarantee that the book will answer the immediate needs of a visitor nor is it a blanket recommendation by the Automation Hall of Fame.
Books are presented in italics.

In progress list:

Arendt, Hannah - The Human Condition, Doubleday Anchor Book

Augarten, Stan - Bit by Bit, Ticknor & Fields
Bendel, A., Disney, J., Pridmore, W.W. - Taguchi Methods, IFS Publications
Berlinski, David - A Tour of the Calculus, Vintage Books
Bernstein, Jermy - The Analytical Engine, Vintage Books
Bronowski, J. - Science and Human Values, Harper Torchbooks
Brown, Kenneth - Inventors at Work, Tempus Books
De Tocqueville, Alexis - Democracy in America, A Mentor Book
Diebold, John - Automation, American Management Associations
Drucker, Peter - Managing in a Time of Great Change, Truman Talley Books/Plume
Engelberger, Joseph - Robotics in Practice, Avery Publishing Co.
Ferkiss, Victor - Technological Man, A Mentor Book
Forester, Tom (ed.) - The Microelectronics Revolution, MIT Press
Fukuyama, Francis - Trust, Simon & Schuster
Giedion, Siefried - Mechanization Takes Command, W.W. Norton & Co.
Gleick, James - Faster, Pantheon
Gleick, James - Chaos, Penguin
Goldratt, Eliyahu - The Goal, Theory of Constraints, The Race, Critical Chain, North River Press
Hammer, Michael, Champy, James - Reengineering the Corporation, Harper Business
Hirano, Hiroyuki (ed) - JIT Factory Revolution, Productivity Press
Holland, John - The Hidden Order, Perseus Books
Imai, Masaki - Gemba Kaizen - McGrraw-Hill
Kelly, Kevin - Out of Control, Perseus Books
Kilian, Cecilia - The World of W. Edwards Deming, SPC Press
Lilly, Richard T. - The Road to Manufacturing Success, St. Lucie Press
Lukoff, Herman - From Dits to Bits (a history of computers)
Mann, Nancy - The Keys to Excellence (about Deming), Prestwick Books
Marx, Leo - The Machine in the Garden, Oxford Univ. Press
McCorduck, Pamela - Machines Who Think, W. H. Freeman and Co.
Michel, Frederick, Jordan, James - Next Generation Manufacturing, John Wiley & Sons
Micklethwait, John, Woodbridge, Adrian - The Witch Doctors, Times Books
Moore, Geoffrey - Inside the Tornado, Crossing the Chasm, Harper Business
Morley, Richard, Moody, Patricia - The Technology Machine, The Free Press
Mumford, Lewis - Technics and Civilization, Harcourt
Peters, Thomas, Waterman, Robert - In Search of Excellence, Warner Books
Porass, Jerry, Collins, James - Built to Last, Harper Business
Puris, Martin - Comeback, Times Business
Seybold, Patricia -, Times Business
Slater, Robert - Portraits in Silicon (bios on computer people), MIT Press
Terborgh, George - The Automation Hysteria, W. W. Norton & Co.
Turkle, Sherry - The Second Self, Simon and Schuster
Voss, Chris, Clutterback, David - Just-In-Time, IFS Publications
Wiener, Norbert - The Human Use of Human Beings, Avon Books






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