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What is the Automation Hall of Fame?

It is an information and awareness program designed to increase recognition of the significance of industry to our way of life. Its core event is an annual dinner held to honor past and new inductees. It further fulfills this mission through its video station within the Manufacturing Technology exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago and through an extensive multi-media public relations program.

Also in furtherance of our program, this web site portrays the amazing history of industrial evolution since ancient times of hand-made products; it offers a multifaceted presentation of today's highly technical manufacturing enterprise, including career opportunities; it looks into the future through links with today's research and development programs that will define future industrial processes and products.

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Who operates the Automation Hall of Fame?

It is a venture of Ralph E. Richardson and Robert A. Malone, now retired and formerly Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Managing Automation magazine.

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Who are the honorees of the Automation Hall of Fame?

They are innovators, inventors, engineers, managers, and philosophers, men and women from the past and living today, who have made significant contributions to industrial progress. They range from Leonardo da Vinci, who conceived the basic working principles of mechanical devices and tools, to E. Edwards Deming, the acknowledged authority on Statistical Quality Control, and Marcian E. Hoff, the prime inventor of the microprocessor.

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How are honorees chosen for the Automation Hall of Fame?

Recommendation of candidates for the Prometheus medal may be made by anyone from industry, academia or government, by visitors to our Museum site or by visitors to this web site.

Electors are the members of the Board of Advisors to the Automation Hall of Fame. The distinguished Board members comprise a cross section of leaders from industry, government and academia, who offer a wide-ranging knowledge of industrial processes and technologies.

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Why is Prometheus used as the symbol for the honorary medal?

Industrial progress occurs through the creativity of individuals working at different times and in different places. But if one single act can be said to have transformed the world, it is the act attributed to Prometheus, the Titan from Greek mythology who stole fire from the gods on Mount Olympus and gave it to mankind. It is appropriate, therefore, that the transformation of the world through the genius of our inductees is recognized by the bestowal of the Prometheus medal.

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When and where are the award ceremonies for the Prometheus Medal?

These black tie dinners will be held each September in Chicago. Attendance is by invitation. These dinners are expected to become a central gathering place for leaders from industry, government and academia joining the Board of Advisors and current and previous winners of the Prometheus Medal from around the world.

Should you wish to attend, please contact us at

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