The amazing evolution of human ability to invent and to make things that give
us healthier, safer, more interesting and comfortable lives is a panoramic
story that the Automation Hall of Fame continuously tells in four ways….

.Through the black tie dinner held annually to honor selected men and women
who have made significant contributions to industrial progress., men and
women from the past and those living today, men and women from all parts of
the world.

….Throughout the year in the Automation Hall of Fame's station within the new
Manufacturing Technology exhibit in the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

….Through an ongoing, extensive multi-media public communications program
directed at audiences in industry, government, academia and young people, as
well as the general public.

…And through this web site, increasingly rich in content about the wonderful
history of industry's technological progress, its processes and career
opportunities today, and the potential technologies in its future.





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