hese companies conduct ongoing research and analysis of manufacturing enterprise systems, of
management processes, and of developments in technology in order to provide insight and advice to
the management of industrial companies and/or to government bodies.


AMR Research is a strategic advisory firm that provides critical analysis
and actionable advice to business and technology executives to help them
manage resources, assess and mitigate risk, and increase business value. The
company's research initiatives are based on The Performance-Driven
Enterprise, a practical approach to understanding how business strategy
drives technology adoption. AMR Research, founded in 1986, is headquartered
in Boston, MA. More information is available at

Founded in 1986, ARC Advisory Group has grown to become the Thought
Leader in Manufacturing and Supply Chain solutions. No matter how complex your business
issues, our analysts have the expert industry knowledge and first-hand experience to help
you find the best answer. We focus on simple yet critical goals: improving your return on assets,
operational performance, total cost of ownership, project time-to-benefit, and shareholder value.
For more information, please visit our Website at

The Board on Manufacturing and Engineering Design (BMED) is a part of the
National Academies under the auspices of the National Academy of Engineering.
BMED provides guidance, primarily to the Federal Government, on technical
issues in engineering design and manufacturing with implications for national policy.
At the request of government agencies, which provide funding through contracts or
grants, BMED conducts studies of specific manufacturing issues; interactions between
design, engineering, and manufacturing; and the significance of manufacturing activities
for the nation.

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