Your opportunity to be an important part of this program

The Automation Hall of Fame seeks the participation of American companies that are themselves the exemplars of the commitment to progress through innovation.

By participating in the Automation Hall of Fame program, your company will be recognized as a leader in honoring industrial technological progress. Your support will help to promote awareness of the amazing history of industrial progress, of the extraordinary complexity and technical sophistication of today's industrial enterprises, and of the exciting promise for future development offered by today's research and development programs.

We offer three types of sponsorship:

INNOVATOR: Industrial and technology companies that have contributed significantly to industrial progress by way of product or process innovation, the early application of same, or by management systems innovation.
BENEFACTOR: All industrial companies wishing to support the Automation Hall of Fame program of promoting recognition of the amazing history of industrial progress, its exciting future, its material benefits to mankind, and the appeal of its career opportunities
SUPPORTER: Companies that provide any of a multitude of services to industrial companies and to their progress and that wish to participate in the Automation Hall of Fame program. Examples: Distributors, Consulting firms, Accounting firms, Financial Institutions, Shipping and Logistics companies.
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