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  Controlling & Automating    
  1950 - W. Edward Deming's Total Quality Control (TQC) revolution - 14 Points and chain of production concept  
1950 - Concept of Production Viewed as a System by W. Edwards Deming - early precursor of supply chain    
  1950s - Development of Design of Experiments by Genichi Taguchi leading to Total Quality Control(TQC) and Total Quality Management (TQM)  
  1951 - Quality Control Handbook by Joseph Juran    
  1951-1953 - Machining center (Milwaukee-Matic) by Francis J. Trecker    
  1951 – Teleoperated articulated arm by Raymond Goertz for Atomic Energy Comission    
  1952 – Bar code patented by Norman Joseph Woodland & Bernand Silver    
  1952 – Numerical Control (NC) and sets off development of DNC and CNC - the basic control systems for machine tools    
  1953Automation by John Diebold defines word 'Automation' in manufacturing and in information technology  
  1954 – Programmable robot by George Devol  
  1954 – IBM 650 and FORTRAN (word comes combining 'formula' and 'translation' by John Backus    
  1954 – Maser by Charles Townes    
  1955 – SAGE program begins computer-aided-design revolution    
  1956 – Programmed article transfer patent by George Devol    
  1957 – Russian Sputnik launched  
  1957 – PRONTO by Patrick J. Hanratty (father of CADD/CAM) a first step numerical control programming    
  1957 – LISP programming language by John McCarthy and first step towards artifical intelligence (AI)    
  1957 – Laser by Charles Townes and A. L. Schwlow  
  1958 – Integrated Circuits (ICs) by Robert Noyce, and by Jack Kilby    
  1959 – Transistor radio by Motorola  

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